Better Formulations than pills, tablets and injections

When it comes to finding solutions to problems, especially health and pharmaceutical ones, Motega is at the forefront.

Taking medications isn’t an easy task at the best of times, but some people find it more challenging than others. From getting the timing right to the actual swallowing of the pills to drug metabolism issues, there are numerous reasons why a seemingly ‘simple’ action like taking medication may be hard for many patients.

This is where Motega Health comes into play. After years of research, Motega Health’s team of researchers, scientists and pharmaceutical experts have been searching for ways to make prescribed drug taking and targeted drug delivery methods easier for the patient. Motega Health’s scientists were responsible for working on and developing the original time-release weight loss capsule, and more recently developing a meth-resistant cold medicine, which resulted in them winning the title of ‘Inventors of the Year’.

Over the years, Motega Health’s team has partnered with many leading pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industry companies, such as Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Smith Kline Beecham, and many other Fortune 500 businesses to help bring effective healthcare solutions and food inventions to millions around the world.

This innovated healthcare technology allows patients, especially children and older adults (or those with compromised swallowing such as cancer and Alzheimer’s patients), to self-administer in the comfort of their own home, thus avoiding constant hospital visits and invasive therapies.

Motega Health offers drug delivery platform technologies with sustained release  or targeted release, helping to avoid degradation in the stomach and therefore reducing the risk of any nasty side effects.

At present, Motega Health several exciting products available for licensing. Its Testosterone product, which uses a unique delivery system that allows for natural testosterone to be directly systemically absorbed into the body and eliminate the need for needles, meaning that this testosterone supplement can be safely taken by men that suffer from low testosterone and women who are postmenopausal or have hysterectomies.

Motega Health has also developed a unique and patented, easy-to-use nicotine delivery technology to aid smokers that want to kick the habit. This nicotine replacement therapy reduces side effects such as burping and heartburn by systemically releasing small amounts of nicotine into the blood stream via the oral or nasal mucosa. This can be applied either directly to the gums or inner cheek via a simple spray device.

This leading healthcare and pharmaceutical technology company has also developed a safe vaginal formula with pseudoplastic rheology to ensure the medication is retained for a prolonged period of time in the vagina, thus making it a more effective form of treatment for any vaginal conditions. This particular system can help women overcome vaginal health problems that range from maintaining healthy vaginal pH levels to even contraceptives.

Motega Health has helped solve endless problems when it comes to health, skin,  beauty and food science thanks to its platforms’ remarkable capabilities. Sustained release drugs for animals and humans, oral mucosa absorbent technology, liquid and injectable dosage forms, topical creams, wound care, and even taste masking dosage forms for young children and pets are just a few examples of how Motega Health has helped shape and change the industry, making medicine and medication taking more accessible and much easier for all. Given their previous feats, it’s fair to say that there isn’t a health or drug problem they can’t and won’t tackle.

Working with Motega Health is an opportunity to help create a higher level of healthcare worldwide. The company offers prospective partners and clients opportunities in many areas, such as licensing, pharmaceutical delivery development, sustained release technologies, and much more. Motega Health delivers in all areas, and like its motto states – they haven’t met a problem they couldn’t solve!

Originally published by Digital Health Buzz! 09-18-2019