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Oral Testosterone

We developed an oral testosterone product. This product is based on Motega’s patented oral drug delivery system. This unique delivery system allows for the systemic absorption of orally administered natural testosterone without the concern for hepatotoxicity, making it an ideal system for the delivery of supplemental testosterone for both men (with low T) or women (postmenopausal or with hysterectomies).

Nicotine Replacement Product

We developed for licensing a nicotine delivery technology that helps people stop smoking. It enhances therapeutic function and avoids side-effects of currently marketed oral nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products:

  • Water repellent primarily aqueous delivery system adheres to oral mucosal tissue
  • Nicotine transferred to blood stream via the oral mucosa, enhancing therapeutic effect & avoiding negative side effects of consumption
  • Delivers instant therapeutic/consumer satisfaction effect with extended action effect over 2-hour period, complying with current US FDA compliance standards

Product is an easy to use (consumer friendly) semi liquid dosage form, which is applied buccally directly to the gums as one option or applied directly to the inner cheek via a spray device. Available for immediate licensing.

Women’s Health

We developed a vaginal formulation with a pseudoplastic rheology to ensure 12-24 hrs retention in the vagina. The system works across pH, API, and even contraceptive spaces.

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