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Pharmaceutical (Rx and OTC)

  • Solid Sustained Release Drugs for human & animal application
  • Oral Mucosa Absorbent Technology
  • Semi-Liquid Sustained Release Drugs
  • Semi-Solid Oral dosage forms for human and animal application
  • Liquid Drug dosage forms
  • Injectable dosage forms, Pharmaceuticals & vaccines, sustained release
  • Taste Masking dosage forms for children and/or pets
  • Injectable products and Medical Devices

Health & Beauty Aids

  • OTC Topicals: baby products, human and animal dermatological products
  • Prescription Topicals/Dermatological: Human and Pet
  • Transdermal OTC & Rx: Humans
  • Long acting inserts: intranasal, intrasinus, otic, ophthalmic, oral mucosa, vaginal, uterine, anal, etc. Human & Animal
  • Wound Care: extended action topicals


  • Enteral Nutrition Products
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Controlled release digestive enzymes: human & animal
  • Human and animal specialty Food products: frozen, refrigerated, dried, canned, baked, freeze dried, Etc.
  • Pet Treats

Public Health

  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Abuse Resistant Solid Dosage forms
  • Opioid Abuse Resistant
  • Long Acting fertilizers, insecticides, insect repellents, bird repellents

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