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Motega Health is built to invent better health.

Our Capabilities

We love tackling big, hard to solve challenges, and in the process, amazing and delighting our clients. Our revolutionary and advanced oral mucosal technologies make products easier to take and easier to give. With an internationally recognized team in human and animal pharmaceutical and product development, our experiences spans decades but continues to lead.

Problems We Solve.

Let us help make your company better.

Patent cliff approaching or faced with a wave of generics?

Let us turn that problem into a new 20-year patent window

Are you experiencing drug metabolism issues or limitations?

We’re experts in sustained release, extended release and targeted release. We ensure the right dosage is delivered exactly where the body needs it.

Do you know up to 36% of adults and 80% of kids have trouble swallowing pills?

Our technologies make products that are Easy to Take and have extremely rapid onset.

If Your Company Has a Challenge or Formulation Problem, We Can Solve It.

It’s a confusing world out there. Contract Research Organizations are happy to spend your millions. We don’t operate that way. We know you have company goals, a pipeline that needs to be filled and you can’t afford multi-million dollar mistakes.

Our Products

Motega Health has products ready to be licensed.

Oral Testosterone

We developed a testosterone product that is absorbed via the oral mucosal based on our patent-pending oral drug delivery system. This unique delivery system allows for the systemic absorption of orally administered bioidentical testosterone.

Nicotine Replacement

We developed a nicotine delivery technology that helps people stop smoking. It  mimics the immediate “rush” of a cigarette and avoids side-effects of gums, lozenges, patches and vaping. Available for immediate licensing.

Women’s Health

We developed a vaginal formulation with a pseudoplastic rheology to ensure 12-24 hrs retention in the vagina. The system works across pH, API, and even contraceptive spaces. Available for licensing.

Contact us for licensing opportunities, pharmaceutical delivery development, extended or sustained release technologies, enteric coating and vaccine adjuvant technologies or to get your pipeline filled with promising opportunities.

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“Scientific knowledge improves quality of life from the basic foods and medicines we consume daily, to the most complex issues of global health. Too often, however, brilliant science sits on the shelf with no path to activation. Motega Health was created to change that. We fuel science that is good for people, good for animals and good for the planet.”

Blake Hawley

Founder – Motega Health

Let us help you and your team be successful. We haven’t met a problem we couldn’t fix.

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